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Forget the days when too many people wished you were someone else.
Those days are gone.
Now after many years of training,
you are exactly who they dreamed you would be
on the outside.
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Your Love

I’d change my skin color if it meant you’d include me.
I’d change my religion if it meant that you’d accept me.
I’d make more money if it meant you’d understand me.
I’d change my sex if it meant that you’d want me.
I’d change who I am if it meant that you’d love me
But you wouldn’t
Cuz you use those things to love yourself.
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I am in the process of letting people know that I am leaving my former social networking site for something more comfortable, something new. It is quite cramped there; the cyberspace equivalent of New York City (and you'd think that if it were that big that you wouldn't run into people from your past, but you do). Also, I need to get on with my thesis. I have much to write and what seems like very little time (which is a very good thing). I am eager to forge ahead. I suppose I could start counting down the days. I have six more months of Masters degree, and then, hopefully, I am off to a PhD program. Here's to being hopeful!


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